OMG Chess is for nerds.

Okay, not really. I love chess. I also love this movie, AND love the game Portal. So, you know, that’s a lot of love.

We won’t even get into Chex Party Mix.

Warning: Explicit Language

A Stand Up Guy, A Dirty Job

Karl Vance. Vampire. Hit man. Paranormal ronin gunslinger with ties to the darkest corners of Boston’s criminal underground.

As a vampire, he has to feed to survive, but a vampire with a conscience has a far smaller pool of victims from which to fish. Enter the rival mafia syndicates in Boston, both chaffing over territorial incursions, both Families eager to seize the top position. When war breaks out, Karl wades into the fray, carrying out contracts, clipping wiseguys, and earning a living the hard way. Still, this lets him keep the conscience of an unnatural born killer as clean as he can, and allows him to keep to this old hunter standby:

Kill what you eat. Eat what you kill.

1st Post: It’s All Downhill From Here

I predict this faceless blog now flailing among a million others will rise to achieve heights of blogtastic tyranny rivaled only by certain monopolistic software companies.

Or maybe it won’t.

Either way, these randomly updated blogs will not contribute to society in any meaningful way, but I will talk about writing, movies, and books–and perhaps the evils of lime gelatin. Oh, and vampires with guns. Gotta talk about vampire hit men because, quite honestly, they are awesome.