Win Free Swag!

All Things Urban Fantasy is giving away a free print copy of Blood Vice until January 20th. Go check it out.

The Grinch loves free stuff!


2 thoughts on “Win Free Swag!

  1. Well, darn it, I just purchased my very own copy of Blood Vice, and NOW you tell me there’s a chance to win it? You did this on purpose didn’t you? It’s because I got blocked on the JR Ward message boards isn’t it? You know this message board issue is ruining my life right? How did you convince them to block me Keith Melton? HOW! 🙂

    1. @Fiction Vixen
      I admit, sometimes I’m in awe of the absolute brilliance of my Evil Plans.

      I knew that if you were blocked from the JR Ward message boards for long enough you would just randomly buy books as you grieved. And now you bought my book ::maniacal laughter::

      How did I get the message boards to block you? Well, that’s a secret, but I do know a certain vampire named Phrank who hangs out with that crowd. ^_^

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