A Cult Uncovered on Twitter!

My friends, disturbing news.

A cult has developed on Twitter dedicated to the destruction of yours truly and the perpetuation of unbridled grrl power and/or world domination.

True story.

It seems that this “Cult of the Avocado” (as they so blithely call themselves) consists of authors Alisha Rai and the Bree half of Moira Rogers. They are actively attempting to recruit people for their nefarious plans. In order to avoid aiding and abetting them, I will not mention that they can be followed on Twitter at @alisharai and @moirarogersbree.

On a related note, I shall reveal Alisha Rai’s secret to the world. Yes, the one she was taunting everyone about on Twitter.

Here it is: Alisha Rai has given up writing hot erotic romances and decided to become a Shaolin monk. I know. I never would’ve seen it coming. Apparently, she’s been practicing by ramming her face into doors to toughen up. At one point, I think she broke her foot, or toe, kicking some guy in the face. Which, by the way, is pretty damn awesome.

So now the world knows her most secret of secret secrets. Honestly, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about giving it away in light of developments with the Cult of the Avacado. Alisha Rai’s fans will just have to wait for her to write her new erotic Shaolin-style novels. No whining! Suck it up, people!

That is all.

WIN BLOOD VICE! New Interview at Book Lovers Inc.

Ever wonder if I’m a secret geek or a raging geek who rambles on for hours about the complete history of his life with video games?

Ever wonder my favorite color and how it feeds into my Johnny Cash obsession? (You did. I know it. Don’t be ashamed.)

Ever wonder why I’m completely schizophrenic when it comes to music? (You thought I’d say “when it comes to Real Life,” didn’t you? That’s okay. I forgive you.)

Ever wonder if I’d harbored secret dreams of becoming a traveling mime? (Honestly, who doesn’t?)

FIND OUT ALL THIS AND MORE! Oh, and you can win an eBook copy of Blood Vice too, just for commenting.


I’m a Featured Author at the Barnes & Noble Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Forums

Great news! I’m a Featured Author at the Barnes & Noble Paranormal/UF forums for all of February…

….Or at least until they kick me out.

I’m talking about Blood Vice, about small presses and why readers will be rewarded if they seek out lesser known writing/writers, and touching on cover art philosophy.  Also, I’ve made my desire known for someone to write Moby Dick: The Vampire White Whale in the same tradition as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I know a paranormal Moby Dick would be pure gold.

I encourage everyone to swing by and ask questions. We have open questions to readers on the following issues so far:

Cover art–current paranormal fantasy cover trends, the audience the cover of Blood Vice appeals to, appeal of racy/sexy covers, etc.

Vampires–what are reader’s favorite types, are they played out or an undying classic?



Make your voice heard! 😀