A Cult Uncovered on Twitter!

My friends, disturbing news.

A cult has developed on Twitter dedicated to the destruction of yours truly and the perpetuation of unbridled grrl power and/or world domination.

True story.

It seems that this “Cult of the Avocado” (as they so blithely call themselves) consists of authors Alisha Rai and the Bree half of Moira Rogers. They are actively attempting to recruit people for their nefarious plans. In order to avoid aiding and abetting them, I will not mention that they can be followed on Twitter at @alisharai and @moirarogersbree.

On a related note, I shall reveal Alisha Rai’s secret to the world. Yes, the one she was taunting everyone about on Twitter.

Here it is: Alisha Rai has given up writing hot erotic romances and decided to become a Shaolin monk. I know. I never would’ve seen it coming. Apparently, she’s been practicing by ramming her face into doors to toughen up. At one point, I think she broke her foot, or toe, kicking some guy in the face. Which, by the way, is pretty damn awesome.

So now the world knows her most secret of secret secrets. Honestly, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about giving it away in light of developments with the Cult of the Avacado. Alisha Rai’s fans will just have to wait for her to write her new erotic Shaolin-style novels. No whining! Suck it up, people!

That is all.


13 thoughts on “A Cult Uncovered on Twitter!

    1. It must be a secret code, Joy. I’ll have to better cover my tracks. Of course, it would help if I didn’t lie with every other word. Because some people see patterns… ;D

    1. Remember Bree. A train accelerating to 90 mph makes a bigger trainwreck than one traveling 25 mph.

      Think on that.

      Yes, indeed.

      And speaking of trains, if a train leaves Chicago traveling at 43 mph and another leaves Winnipeg moving at 32 mph, who will get to Hoboken first?

  1. Fiona Vance

    ROFL! You just cannot stop with the world domination, can you? I don’t believe these nice ladies would ever do anything that nefarious. I blame you.


    1. Fiona, believe me, these people are crazy. I must applaud myself for being a whistleblower.

      If you don’t believe them capable of extreme nefarious acts, that must mean you’ve already chugged the Kool Aid and joined the Cult… and I’m sorry to hear that.

    1. You forgot to mention “swift, brutal, and completely and categorically untrue–even delusional!”

      Because, you know, that last part is important for people to realize. ^_^

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