Read an Ebook Week

Yeah, I answered some random questions for the Bree half of Moira Rogers because she sent me the following email, and I quote:

Keith, answer these in the next ten minutes or I’ll bust your fingers with a ballpeen hammer!”

You guys assume that just because this Moira Rogers duo writes about shapeshifters and romance and vampire lumberjacks that the two of them aren’t connected to the Alabama Mafia. Well, you would be completely wrong. They just hide the bodies in cotton fields.

So here are my answers about zombie robots and so on. Oh, and you can win some stuff too. Honestly, I’ve already read that book, so I know how it ends.


3 thoughts on “Read an Ebook Week

  1. Jennifer Graham

    OMG!!! You two are a trip…… far no one has found my hidden bodies…….best keep that secret location to myself…..

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