Book Chick City Blog and Giveaway

I’m blogging and (probably) misbehaving at Book Chick City as part of her Men of Urban Fantasy Week. However, in addition to my usual schtick, I’m giving away a print copy of Blood Vice. Yes, I recently scored some more of them during a bookstore heist, so I decided to set them free into the world as a prize.

My blog on Hidden versus Open paranormal worlds in Urban Fantasy is here:

Comment to be eligible for the prize: Print copy of Blood Vice, Book 1 of the Nightfall Syndicate. The contest is international, so even if you live in the frozen wilds of Canada you can still win. Newark, New Jersey is off limits, though… (all right, I kid, I kid).

Remember kids, the Grinch says: “Free loot makes my eyebrows wiggle like horny caterpillars!”

Or something like that…