A Love Story with Giant Evil Robot Clowns

I think that title says enough.


Actually, it’s a tribute to my wife (the love part, not the robot clowns) and my love and respect for her. Warning, may contain high levels of syrup. However, there is a picture like this:

Go check it out if you have time. There’s other blatantly stupid, insanely crazy enlightening and intriguing stuff there as well. ^_^


Currently writing the synopsis for the Blood Vice sequel. I think most writers will happily agree to join me in loathing the obscure torture known as “The Synopsis.” This is what I have so far:

Some mafia connected vampires run around again, y’know shooting stuff and biting people. There’s this bad guy. Some people get chased. Some buildings explode. The End.

…and I may have to expand that by five hundred words; though, if I were an editor, I’d buy that story straight up.

Other news.

I’ve been focused on writing this past week, working on the third book in the Nightfall Syndicate series. 10,000 words in so far.


Watched Paranormal Activity. Some quick thoughts. I liked it. Reminded me of Blair Witch Project meet Poltergeist.

 Had some trouble with the male character’s motivation. I never quite bought why he didn’t just CALL THE DEMONOLOGIST RIGHT AWAY! I mean, hell, after what he’d seen, I’d be calling every demonologist in the phone book one after another, flying them in from Singapore if necessary. If he’d wanted to keep the “events” going so he could make a video to sell for money, or write a book ala Amityville Horror for money, I’d have at least understood why he was being so reckless (wouldn’t have agreed, but would’ve understood).

Still, it had some scenes that creeped me out. The time lapse photography was unnerving, especially seeing events that the two main characters are sleeping through. For nothing else, it was worth seeing the movie for these bits. Made me want to sleep with one eye open.

Also, watched all the Firefly episodes and the Serenity movie. Show had some very amusing dialogue and I enjoyed it.

That’s it, that’s all. Cheers!