I’m talking about the challenges of writing female characters…

…over at the Magical Musings blog.


I go on for a while about how I feel gender roles/perceptions influence characters, etc. And I really love to hear myself talk. You can also win a copy of the Zero Dog War for leaving a comment.


I’m also over at the Book Nerds Across America blog talking about Ten Somewhat Unknown Things About Me In Random Order. I talk about aliens. And falling down a mountain. Good times.


You can also win a copy of Zero Dog War for leaving a comment. I can’t give these away fast enough!!! (no, really, I can’t. Check out how many people are interested in winning and left a comment. Like…3. So your odds are great. Just sayin.)

These two giveaways are the last for the forseeable future. Don’t make me resort to the Sad Puppy Dog Eyes.

Because I will, my friend. I will.