Ghost Soldiers: Nightfall Syndicate 2 cover art and blurb

 Here is the cover art and blurb for the sequel to Blood Vice. It releases July 12th, 2011.

Ghost Soldiers by Keith Melton

Ghost Soldiers

Keith Melton

ISBN13: 978-1-60928-498-5

Length: 103,000

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Cover by: Kanaxa

Publication Date: July 12th, 2011



Get in. Do the job. Get out. If only it were that easy.

 The Nightfall Syndicate, Book 2

Vampire hit man Karl Vance has a new target: a rogue, charismatic sorcerer building an army of paranormal creatures in Eastern Europe. The stakes have never been higher, nor the odds so long, but he’s in too deep to turn back. If Karl fails to kill, the powerful Order of the Thorn will hunt down Maria Ricardi, the vampire he loves, and destroy everything he’s fighting for.

When Karl is cut off in enemy badlands, he’s reduced to survival mode, doing the kinds of things he’d sworn would never be part of his vampire existence. Things that will forever color his relationship with Maria…if he survives to see her again.

In Boston, Maria is haunted by disturbing dreams of Karl as she struggles to keep control of her mafia syndicate against a growing tide of threats—traitors, FBI agents, hostile crime families, and the fear that power will turn her into a creature like her hated Master, Delgado. Then she discovers Karl is walking straight into a deadly trap…and there may be nothing she can do to stop it in time.

Warning: Explicit language and intense, violent content. Assassinations, betrayals, paranormal warfare, explosions, gangland slayings, chaos, calamity, rampant pandemonium, and an occasional fiery explosion.