Storm Relief Auction is LIVE

Okay the auction went live! Here’s what’s available–and people, this is a HUGE bundle. The ARC of Ghost Soldiers (Nightfall Syndicate 2) is available, as well as a copy of Blood Vice (Nightfall Syndicate 1) and The Zero Dog War.



1 Refurbished Nook (3G & WiFi)

$100 Gift Certificate to Samhain Publishing

(All ebooks in ePUB or PDF format for easy reading on the Nook.)

Cipher by Moira Rogers
Kisri by Moira Rogers
Rising, Freestyle by Vivian Arend
Silent Storm by Vivian Arend
Ghost Soldiers by Keith Melton
Push Pull by Joely Skye
The Seven Year Witch by Jodi Redford
Keeping Pace by Dee Carney
The Secret Guide to Dating Monsters by Sierra Dean
Something Secret This Way Comes by Sierra Dean
A Little Harmless Addiction by Melissa Schroeder
Negligee Behavior by Shelli Stevens

(All ebooks in ePUB or PDF format for easy reading on the Nook. Genres include: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, GLBT Romance & Historical Romance)

 Moira Rogers: A Safe Harbor, Undertow, Cry Sanctuary, Sanctuary Lost, Sanctuary Price, Sanctuary Unbound, Crux, Crossroads, Deadlock, Wilder’s Mate, Sabine

Vivian Arend: Wolf Signs, Wolf Flight, Wolf Games, Wolf Tracks, Tidal Wave, Whirlpool, Turn it On, Turn it Up, Falling Freestyle, Stormchild, Stormy Seduction

Inez Kelley: Myla By Moonlight, Salome at Sunrise, Lipstick on His Collar, Sweet as Sin, Coming Clean

Lauren Dane: Trinity, Revelation

Vivi Andrews: Serengeti Sunrise

Lorelie Brown: Jazz Baby

Joely Skye: Wolf Town

Jorrie Spencer: Strength of the Wolf

Yolanda Sfetsos: The Soul Dealer: Redemption, The Soul Dealer: Deception

Jodi Redford: That Voodoo You Do

Owen Kennedy: Bound by Christmas

Keith Melton: Zero Dog War, Blood Vice

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy: Love Tattoo

Ashleigh Raine: Lover’s Talisman

Sonya Clark: Mojo Queen

C.M. Torrens: His Soul To Take

Stacey Kennedy: Whatnots & Doodads, Bless the Beauty – Special Agent Fang Book One

Rhian Cahill: Coyote Home, Coyote Wild

KT Grant: For the Love of Mollie

Alisha Rai: Veiled Desire, Veiled Seduction

Eliza Gayle: Untamed Magick, Malcom

A great cause!