Chance to win an iPad and tons of books…

…including a print copy of Blood Vice AND an eBook  copy of The Zero Dog War.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! (Sorry. I just like to say that. It’s like Tourette’s, but with less swearing.)

Also, tons of signed books by other great authors, other swag, and a chance to win the grand prize–an iPad. Even a jaded and weary soul such as myself must admit that’s pretty awesome!

Here’s the specific contest:

Here’s the main contest page:

This contest was put on by the Moira Rogers team and Vivian Arend. These ladies not only work hard, but put on some of the best contests I’ve ever seen (outside of Vegas, where they give away luxury cars and so on, but your odds of winning are exponentially better with their contests–so take that Sin City!).