Just Writing…

Nothing much happening.

Kids will be headed off to school soon. I’m trying to finish the novel I’m working on. I still have several projects I’m juggling all at once. The third book of the Nightfall Syndicate (Blood Vice, Ghost Soldiers), a new Zero Dog novella and then the full novel sequel, and a dark epic fantasy…just because I’m insane and didn’t have enough irons in the fire already.

Back to writing…

So let’s say you are severely bored…

…and you feel some latent desire to be on Facebook. Well, if your clicky-mouse finger happens to be feeling restless, please feel free to head on over to my newborn Facebook Author Page here and “Like” that baby. I would really appreciate it. But no pressure. I’m not sure how much I like that Keith Melton guy myself, the shifty bastard.


And In Other Book News:

My new hardcase action-packed Urban Fantasy novel 9mm Blues releases on Sept 19, 2011 from Etopia Press. Thorn Knights and ghouls ripping the hell out of one another. This one is intense…and I’m very excited about it.

…where I sacrifice the grim dignity of an author in favor of drawing bad cartoons on the Internet

I’m sure someday these diversions will come back to bite me in the ass. I’ll be applying for a job (in this economy, I’ll likely be applying at the local convenience store to boldly embark on a career of overcharging for burned coffee and cheese puffs, while wondering when I’ll be robbed), or perhaps an editor will be looking for new writers to include in an anthology and someone will stumble upon these silly drawings and quietly add me to the Completely Unprofessional Blacklist no one ever talks about (because to mention the list would be unprofessional…).

However, since no one is looking and I’m screwing around instead of writing, I thought I’d post a few of the silliest and/or most absurd and/or stupidest drawings I’ve created using nothing more than MS Paint and my own personal delusions.

Samurai Spider

This spider was simply an excuse to draw a katana and a samurai helm. In real life, spiders are not samurai, but more like ninjas, creeping around, crawling on you in the dark. Moving on…

Giant Squid Rocking Out

This picture had nothing to do with my fear of giant squids and more to do with challenging myself to draw a violin in MS Paint using the touchpad on my laptop. True musicians will note that the squid is holding the violin incorrectly. Best not to mention it to a giant squid, however. Continue reading “…where I sacrifice the grim dignity of an author in favor of drawing bad cartoons on the Internet”