Just Writing…

Nothing much happening.

Kids will be headed off to school soon. I’m trying to finish the novel I’m working on. I still have several projects I’m juggling all at once. The third book of the Nightfall Syndicate (Blood Vice, Ghost Soldiers), a new Zero Dog novella and then the full novel sequel, and a dark epic fantasy…just because I’m insane and didn’t have enough irons in the fire already.

Back to writing…


4 thoughts on “Just Writing…

  1. Hi Brent,

    You know, I wasn’t aware anyone cared about that series.

    Run, Wolf was written for an anthology shapeshifter call, which is why it is so short…it’s really the last act of a novel with all the build up cut out, which I think really weakened the story/made it a less satisfactory read for readers. There are times I look at it and want to write the other 60,000 words of the story (prior to the trial) so it feels more complete…but I don’t know.

    I started to write a sequel, then dropped it after ~10,000 words. The Boston wolf clan plays a small role in Ghost Soldiers, and a far bigger role in the third and final book of the Nightfall Syndicate series.

    Let me just say I’m open to doing something else with the werewolves, but it will be novel-length, happen after the events in the Nightfall Syndicate series, and would likely be darker.

  2. (sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you regarding this.)

    I loved the book – it was very intense, yet short. Thought it was a wonderful beginning to a new series and I was thrilled when I realized that the Nightfall Syndicate series and it could have multiple crossover points. Was absolutely thrilled when I caught the quick references in Ghost Soldiers too.

    I hope you choose to continue the series – even if it takes a darker tone than originally intended. Good authors can pull that sort of thing off with panache and I believe you are more than capable…

    Looking forward to all your future works!

    1. Thanks Brent. ^_^

      Then I’ll definitely do something else with the werewolf clans. I’ll do it more justice next time around, add some meat to the bones and so on. 😀

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