Happy New Year, Resolutions, Assorted blather…

I resolved to behave like less of an ass on the Internet in 2012.

This resolution lasted until 10:32 a.m. when I logged on to Twitter.

In real life I don’t act like the movie Airplane on crack. I am contemplative and somber.

Yeah, stop laughing. It’s true. I swear. 

Alas for the need for writers to run amok online and say things, a bad habit mercilessly encouraged by Web 2.0. I conveniently blame my asshat-wearing-ways upon the Internet. I’m not an expert on anything interesting, there are plenty of better and far more experienced writers out there handing out writing advice, and ranting about budget deficits and infrastructure decay is depressing, boring, and gets old after roughly 32.5 words.

So I keep the important things I wish to explore and examine for the characters and the stories. (Never mind that some of those stories read like the Airplane movies on crack.) And then I run amok on the Internet sounding deranged, stupid, overly excited by giant robots, swords, the Red Sox, fire, the Oregon Ducks, gelatin, ferrets, zombies (and not in that order) while sporting all the sophistication of a 13-year-old male.

Evil has never looked so adorable.

I’m considering posting some new writing from my 37,000 ongoing series on the blog, but the thought of posting unedited material makes me twitchy.

Anyway, I’d give a general status update on writing progress, but I’m still working on the third Nightfall Syndicate book, and after that I plan to write the sequel to The Zero Dog War. There may or may not be a Zero Dog novella in the meantime (I have one at about 30,000 words, with another 20,000 needed to finish the story). We’ll see. 2011 was not my favorite year. Not by a long shot. Too fast and chaotic. I’m hoping 2012 is far better. Unless the world ends, which will suck.

Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you the best for the coming year.

As for me, I’ll be back to writing…

…and acting like an idiot on the Internet.