Arrival in New England…

Providence, RI. Photo by California Cthulhu (Will Hart)Creative Commons license

…and we have Internet.

I really missed Rhode Island. Though the move was necessary, it has really set me far behind in my writing. Here are the upcoming books:

9mm Blues

Christopher Hill is a knight in the Order of the Thorn—a hard charger packing a submachine gun and a sword. His mission is simple: destroy the ancient, profane evils that prey upon humanity.

But Hill’s mission becomes much more complicated when a young boy is kidnapped by flesh-eating ghouls. Barricaded inside a run-down house, the ghouls slowly gain the upper hand, while outside, mounting casualties and internal power struggles threaten both the mission and the boy Hill’s vowed to see home safe, no matter what…
(Much, much delayed, due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances. I can’t wait to get this book out. I feel as if this poor novel has been trapped in Book Intensive Care for far too long.)

Dark Ride Dogs
A Zero Dog novel

This book is basically a 1.5 novel in the series, with all new villains because I felt like writing about carnivals. I think I’ll do something different this time around and see if I can beg and/or blackmail some writer friends into beta reading. I usually don’t do this, because I suck at beta reading myself, and rarely manage comments that are A) helpful B) coherent. But I already tricked Mina Carter into beta reading for me, and far be it from me to call her a total sucker for sad puppy dog eyes. So maybe I’ll give it a go and try to return the favor(s) in a useful way to people who are interested in beta reading.

On the same note, official ZD book 2 will star the Zero Dogs fighting the necromancer/zombies again…as well as new zany and completely improbable monsters, in a different city, with far more at stake. Possibly democracy itself, but that might just be me being melodramatic.

And then the 3rd Nightfall Syndicate book, wrapping up the story of Karl Vance and Maria Ricardi. This book is 65% finished. I hope to have it done and turned in very soon. So far it’s dark and action-packed and I think (hope) it will make a fitting capstone to the series.

In other good news, I’ve gone from working two jobs (Evil Day Job and Evil Night Job) down to one (Evil Day Job) so I should have more time for the kids and more time to write, in that order. I’ve been working two jobs since 2008 (after the great American economy implosion), so this is great news for me.

That’s it for now. Take it easy, my friends, and thanks for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “Arrival in New England…

  1. argyrosfenix

    Thanks for the update!

    Is current evil day job the same? Or is this evil day job 2.0?

    Congratulations on the move! Hope it works out for you and the family. 😀

    1. Evil Day Job 2.0, but new and improved. And thanks for the congratz. After this crosscountry move, I never plan to move more than a mile from my current location for the rest of my life. 😉

  2. Michael

    Thanks for the update so I know how long I have to wait for the good stuff. Been pushing your books on some co-workers hopefully they took the bait and get hooked.

    1. Thanks Michael! I appreciate it. If you’re waiting for book 3 of the Nightfall Syndicate, I hope to have that sucker finished by September and submitted to my editor shortly thereafter.

      I’m crossing my fingers.

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