Dark Ride Dogs finished…and a Good Review for Ghost Soldiers!

Writing update:

I finished a 2nd draft of a Zero Dog novel. It’s called Dark Ride Dogs. Hopefully it will release in late 2012.

Dark Ride Dogs pits those crazy Zero Dog mercenaries against homicidal redcaps and murderous ghost clowns, all with a creepy carnival flavor and tons of wild humor. It’s currently off with a few beta readers who were kind enough to agree to read it. I’ve never used beta readers before, but I want this book to be good–no, really good–so I’m pulling out all the stops. I toned some stuff down (the military hardware name-dropping for example) and tried to add a little more heart to the book (along with all the fighting and explosions and fire and werewolf shenanigans). We’ll see.

And…a great review for Ghost Soldiers:

“Keith Melton has written a masterful book (and series) that shatters all the stereotypes of good and evil, right and wrong. All of the characters are complex and intricately-drawn, and the reader is sucked into all the shades of black and gray that envelops their lives. Mr. Melton is a storyteller of the highest order and his writing is sharp, vivid and engrossing. The “warning” of the book reads: “Explicit language and intense, violent content. Assassinations, betrayals, paranormal warfare, explosions, gangland slayings, chaos, calamity, rampant pandemonium and an occasional fiery explosion.” I would humbly add to that – sucks you in and will not let go. This book is a must-read!”– Bitten By Books

Bitten By Books Review of Ghost Soldiers


There aren’t any flying robot monkey sharks in Dark Ride Dogs… and that’s a damn shame.

Status on the 3rd Nightfall Syndicate Book

…as of 07-10-2012

A few readers had questions about the next Nightfall Syndicate book, and I realized I’d not talked about it in awhile.

The third Nightfall Syndicate book is about 65% complete. It should (hopefully) release in 2013. It will be the final book of the series and will wrap up all the major storylines. Maria struggles to free Karl from the Thorn, and it’s open war between Cojocaru, the Thorn, and the vamps. The werewolf clan war figures in rather heavily and we see more of Tyrell.

I don’t have a title yet. I don’t even have anything approaching a title yet. But most of my titles just come to me out of the blue, so I’m crossing my fingers a good one will arrive at some point.