2013 Update

Just an update for those who are waiting for a new book to release. Status/series information is followed by some general writer babble.

2012 was a rough year. A year that included moving from one coast to the other and all the associated chaos that results from such a mad undertaking. Caution: Standard Writer’s Lament Ahead The day job eats a lot of time. Non-Standard Writer’s Lament: My cat must be hand-fed anchovies thrice daily while listening to Italian opera. (All right, that’s a lie. The cat also enjoys show tunes.)

I’m working on another draft of my much-delayed 9mm Blues (which has turned into my Keyser Söze book of rumors and misinformation), but the book will emerge better, faster, stronger for it. This book takes place in the Nightfall universe.

I finished another draft of Dark Ride Dogs. I’m currently re-reading it, tightening the prose, sharpening the dialogue, etc. This book takes place in the Zero Dog universe.

Meanwhile, I’m still pounding away at the final book of the Nightfall Syndicate trilogy. I admit I’ve been a little dismayed by the wall of “We’re sick of vampires” comments from readers across the net, though I completely understand the sentiment. However, I need to bring a final dramatic close to the story of Karl Vance and Maria Ricardi. This will be the last time I touch vampires–unless they show up in minor, limited roles within the Nightfall world–for a very long time. I don’t want to say forever…but yeah, probably forever unless there’s a sparkle-awesome idea that hits me. And it had better be one helluva idea.

I’ve been musing over writing a spec-fic novel with a more sympathetic, likable main character that will have broader reader appeal than the criminals/assassins I’ve been writing about in the Nightfall world. (I believe Andrea the pyromancer from the Zero Dog universe is generally likable, but the over-the-top wackiness in those books doesn’t appeal to everyone.) But I need someone interesting, relatable but not cliche, and not so jaded–then all kinds of conflict and bad things will happen to them to see how they change/adapt. Aaaand that’s about as far as I’ve moved on that idea. I haven’t even decided if said character should be male or female.

I’m cheering for the 49ers against the Ravens today for two reasons. A great friend of mine loves the 49ers. The Ravens beat the Patriots. There may be a grudge involved, Baltimore. That’s all I’m saying. 😉