Quick update…on the lack of updates…

My apologies about the lack of a new chapter of Spanner Jack. I’ve been busy finishing Shadow Crew, the third book of the Nightfall Syndicate. I was trying to alternate between writing both stories, but it was difficult to escape the “tone” of Shadow Crew, which was bleeding into the other book’s prose a little. Also, I really needed to focus on finishing the trilogy if I have any hope of sending it off before the end of autumn.

Good news: I finished Shadow Crew. Now I’m tinkering with the draft, fixing a few rough edges.
More good news: I’ll be returning to writing Spanner Jack very soon.
Other news: I’ll be starting another Zero Dog book after Shadow Crew is off, for those of you who enjoy that series. Dark Ride Dogs should be going into edits soon. I’ll announce a release date as soon as I have one.