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This is part of the My Writing Process Blog Tour, which allows authors to describe a bit about their fiction production methods taking place in a non-laboratory environment. The always-excellent Robyn Bachar posted her entry last week. You can find it here:”

What am I working on?

Hmm. Right now I’m caught in a re-writing phase, which, while necessary, is neither exciting nor sexy. Rewriting/restructuring 9mm Blues, my Thorn Knights action novel with ghouls and urban warfare. Rewriting/restructuring Shadow Crew–the final book of the Blood Vice, Ghost Soldiers, vampire Karl Vance trilogy. And then there is my neglected Spanner Jack urban fantasy, the first four chapters of which can be read on this website (they are the only chapters that exist at this moment). I have another novel completed called A Thousand Ravens Dark…which contains high performance motorcycles, ravens, a manhunt, sonic weapons, and a snarky sidekick. But it needs more polishing. So, yeah, I’m staggering around as per usual.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

The Zero Dog books are quirky and completely over-the-top. I mean, there’s a ninja riding a Vespa and a ghost pufferfish for heaven’s sake. The serious books I try to keep intense and suspenseful…which doesn’t really differ from the goals/books of other writers, but this paragraph required more text.

Why do I write what I do?

I love the idea of mixing technology with magic. Guns with swords. Monsters versus soldiers (i.e. chaos and bloodlust versus discipline and order). I find those types of dichotomies intriguing.

How does your writing process work?

An idea percolates for a time in my brain. Then it is either filed or lost because I didn’t have time to pursue it, or it clings like a baby monkey and cannot be dislodged. I promise myself I’ll outline the book, then I violate my promise and write the first chapter because I’m too excited not to start. After writing the first chapter, I promise I’ll outline the rest of the book…right after I finish chapter two. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam. After the whole thing is done I sheepishly outline the book, then must rewrite the damn thing to fix structural issues that would’ve been resolved had I only outlined the book from the beginning.

There must be some type of 12 Step Program that could help me break this sad cycle. Unfortunately, most of those programs are in outline form…

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Devin Harnois Devin Harnois writes about the strange and fantastic, loves skulls, and lives in Minneapolis with a lazy cat and a wild imagination.

Selena Illyria Multi-Published Author, part vampire, part pixie, Selena Illyria was born with a need to write and enable. Her imagination takes her into the paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy genres and all sorts of mischief.

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  3. Interesting to hear about your outlining issues. We all know it’s just a peg, but a useful peg. Pantsing is great for the juices but a bummer for rewrites.
    Luckily, I do outline and won’t allow myself to write one word without knowing where the bus stops.
    Other people’s processes are always fascinating.

    1. Okay, I really need to pay more attention.
      First off, thanks for commenting Dc Farmer. My apologies for not replying for…almost a year. O_O
      I’ve since focused on exerting a little more discipline in my writing. I’ve been trying to mix a complex outline with the “creative drift” that can occur as I write and new ideas come to me. But I’m looking to write some complex plots with some plot twists and I believe that a tight outline will help the elements better mesh without months and months of rewriting.


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