Soda from the Ice Age Discovered as Polar Ice Caps Melt

Okay, that title might be a tad inaccurate.

This photo was actually taken by my good friend Craig when he was lost in the wilds of Alaska. Running out of water and desperate to dig a snow cave to find shelter from a snowstorm, he uncovered this pristine can of Mt. Dew as he tunneled through the snow and ice with his bare hands. The soda sustained him with its ambrosia like combination of caffeine and sugar until he was rescued the next day.

That can saved his life, my friends. True Story.

Actually, Craig has always transported cans of Mt. Dew to places we used to hike and set up shots in his photography series I like to call: Landscapes with Mt. Dew. I think the guy should be sponsored for his efforts, but hey, the things we do out of pure love.

Here’s another photo he took of Mt. Shasta seen from Mt. Ashland.