Unfortunate news about my publisher, Samhain

Yesterday I found out that Samhain Publishing (my publisher for Blood Vice, Ghost Soldiers, and The Zero Dog War) will be shutting down operations over the next six months. To say that I am staggered would be an understatement. I want to take a moment and wish the best to the editors, employees, authors, and readers who all made up the Samhain family. I’ve been with them since 2008-2009 when my excellent editor, Sasha Knight, accepted my first novel, Blood Vice. Sasha is a great editor. She also does freelance work, and I highly recommend her. Her website can be found here:

So what does this mean? Well, I was erratically working my way through an edit/rewrite of Shadow Crew, the final book of the Nightfall Syndicate, with an eye toward releasing it through Samhain. Now that isn’t going to happen. And that makes me sad, for many reasons, including missing out on the chance to work with Sasha again. No publisher is going to want to release the 3rd book in a series, so I’ll have to self-pub that bastard. And if anything, my past efforts have shown me that I hands-down suck at hawking my books on my own. Or maybe it’s the product. At this point, the jury is out.

Also, if you are interested in any of my books published through Samhain, I’d grab them now before they are taken down—especially if you are interested in a print version. They will not be appearing again in the same form. On the same note, Run, Wolf will be pulled and won’t be back. The novella is my lowest-rated work. It may reappear at some future date as a full novel (the start-to-finish tale from inside the Blackstone Wolf Pack), but not for a long while. It was originally written for an anthology, hence the shorter length, but I believe the story was too big for the size of box I crammed it into.

I apologize for the general thread of negative news in this post, my friends, but it’s been a rough year to be an author.

Now I’m off to install a kitchen faucet, because those damn leaks don’t fix themselves.



Short Story in the Touched by Darkness Horror Anthology


Just a quick update.

A very short horror story of mine has been reprinted in the Touched by Darkness anthology. My story “Be Seeing You” has the dubious distinction of being the shortest story in the whole antho, but I think it has a rather creepy vibe. Also, I’ve been reading other stories in the anthology and they are very good. One of them has flesh-eating ponies. Flesh-eating ponies qualify as Must Read Status with me.

Anyway, before I get further distracted while rambling about flesh-eating ponies…the anthology has twelve great horror stories. If you enjoy horror/dark fiction, please consider giving it a glance.


Touched by Darkness
Twelve Tales of Evil, Inside and Out

Dee Pratt
Betrayal can take your breath away.

Happily married Melanie never suspected that her husband of thirteen years could be hiding a dark secret…or how deep and cold her capacity for revenge really was.
Matthew Cherry
When longtime friends Oliver, Nelsen, and Harry stumble across a funny but disturbing set of horse head masks online, they can’t resist buying them for a practical joke to scare their friend Aaron. But the masks seem to share a dark connection with Aaron’s old house, and Oliver can’t seem to shake the compulsion to keep putting the mask on…
Peter Giglio
Who can you turn to when there’s no one left to trust?

Amy knows her best friend Caleb is “different,” but he’s always been there for her, ever since they were kids. But when she picks up an old man hitch hiking in a storm, she never expects Caleb to betray her quite so thoroughly…
“Teaching Man”
Nell DuVall”
The Devil comes calling on Halloween…
Patrick Anderson Jr.
Murder’s always a little hard to swallow.

Steve’s wife is due home any minute, and he’s been slaving away in the kitchen on a special dinner for a special night—a lovely, romantic evening for two…or one, if things go as planned…
“Black Habits”
Elson Meehan
Mother Superior has a terrible secret.

Accused by her parents of unchaste behavior, Tsula Montenegro is sent to the convent to put aside her whoreishness. But the nuns have something much darker in store. The convent and its herd of miniature ponies are both falling into ruin, and Mother Superior has been providing an alternative feed to the herd…
“Evelyn Thayer”
Ronn E. Taylor
Revenge is a dish best served with wheat toast and coffee…

When Marget Smalls sets her seductress’s eye on Evelyn Thayer’s husband, Evelyn isn’t about to about to look the other way. Instead, she invites Margret to breakfast…
“The Dead Hate the Living”
Thomas Gueli
Unfortunately, death isn’t the final resting place.

When a man awakens on a cold, steel table, unable to move, speak, or breathe, he learns a terrible truth. He’s dead. And he’s being prepped for an autopsy. But it is what happens after the autopsy that makes him realize just how painful death can be…and the dead are hungry.
“In My Lady’s Chamber”
Catherine Cavendish
Upstairs, Downstairs, and in My Lady’s Chamber…

As soon as Lydia sees Goose Green Farm, she knows something’s wrong. Why would John bring her to a derelict farmhouse miles from anywhere in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors? Refusing her pleas to go home, she can see that something is happening to him. As they enter the house, he seems possessed by a sinister presence that draws him to it and threatens his very existence. A terrified Lydia knows she will have to do whatever she can to rescue him from the clutches of a spirit who is hell-bent on revenge.
“We Shadows Have Offended”
K.W. Taylor
After the death of a mutual friend, Sam, Bill, and Roger can no longer hide from the memories of what they all did that day… the day they killed the little girl.  The little girl who wasn’t a little girl. Now it’s back, and it’s looking for them, leaving death and destruction in its wake, hell-bent on revenge. Can Sam summon the strength and courage to make a sacrifice that will save his friends and family?
“Dreaming, Not Sleeping”
Julia Kavan
Her nightmares were simply too good to resist.

A woman is tempted away from the safety of her husband’s arms by a skillful nighttime visitor. But they both find nothing is what it seems…
“Be Seeing You”
Keith Melton
“She’d been dead for two hours when she smiled at me…”

* * *

For those of you who are now staring at the screen and thinking: “I’m waiting for the sequel to Ghost Soldiers and/or Zero Dogs and/or for 9mm Blues to release and you have the gall to mention your piddly little 1800 word horror short story? A pox on you, Melton! May your flesh be consumed by rabid ponies!” …or something similar, I apologize. I’m rewriting Dark Ride Dogs and writing the final Nightfall Syndicate book, so there is hope.

The moment I finish, I’ll update this blog before running riot through the streets in desperate celebration.

Oh, and here are links in case you’re interested in Touched by Darkness.
Touched by Darkness at Amazon
Touched by Darkness at Barnes and Noble
Touched by Darkness at Omnilit

1st Post: It’s All Downhill From Here

I predict this faceless blog now flailing among a million others will rise to achieve heights of blogtastic tyranny rivaled only by certain monopolistic software companies.

Or maybe it won’t.

Either way, these randomly updated blogs will not contribute to society in any meaningful way, but I will talk about writing, movies, and books–and perhaps the evils of lime gelatin. Oh, and vampires with guns. Gotta talk about vampire hit men because, quite honestly, they are awesome.