Blood Vice

[A] paranormal fantasy masterwork …a perfect graft of noir fiction and paranormal fantasy…the illegitimate lovechild of Mario Puzo and Bram Stoker.” — Paul Goat Allen for Unabashedly Bookish

“From the beginning it’s all about the action, murders, mob wars and romance all wrapped up into one original story.” — Wicked Little Pixie for Writings of a Wicked Book Addict

Excellent “Enthralling! …will hook you in the first paragraph and keep you ensnared throughout… The paranormal has never been so sexy and ruthless… The realistic inside look into the mafia is fascinating… Blood Vice is a paranormal work of art.”— Teagan, BookWenches

“…[T]urf war dramas, vampire politics, women with big guns, and other fun stuff to make sure that this one doesn’t have a dull moment… Blood Vice is a charming fast-paced and action-packed tale that allows the bullets to fly free and the blood to flow…”— Mrs. Giggles

“…Karl Vance is a baddie – mysterious, lethal, intense. …[P]lenty of unexpected twists to keep the story very interesting. For those who enjoy dark urban fantasy with romantic tension, this is a must.”— Smexy Books

“Incisive imagery, relentless action…absolutely fantastic. The author combines his precise verbiage with never-ending action…great characters to get embroiled with as the story charges into its full momentum.” — Book Utopia
“Blood Vice…throws you head long into the dark, cruel world of the mafia crime syndicate filled with fascinating characters, starting on page one. I loved the mafia elements and dark, gritty atmosphere in the book.”— Donna, Fantasy Dreamer’s Ramblings

Recommended “…I ended up really loving this story…It’s one of the better Urban Fantasy stories I’ve read this year.”— Anna for Anna’s Book Blog

“…well-written …a fast-paced and complex story from beginning to end.” — Scandalous Minx for Literary Nymphs

“…a raw, gritty and masterful tale…This book absolutely blew me away…”— Bitten By Books

“…a complex and multi-dimensional creation…a fascinating, rich read.”— The Romance Studio
…[T]urf wars and politics going on, but they’re like the spice to the action. This book was really fun to read and time just flew by for me. I cannot wait for the next book.” — rbm00 for Urban Fantasy Fan

Ghost Soldiers

“Nonstop action, relentless pacing, brutal organized crime warfare, nightmarish monsters, black ops missions, and, above all else, an utterly readable narrative that is addictively entertaining. Melton’s narrative is unrelenting. …[I]ntermeshed amongst the action and adventure are some really profound lines and memorable imagery. …[A] hugely underrated author and his Nightfall Syndicate saga is an addictive blend of noir fiction, dark fantasy, and mainstream thriller.”— Paul Goat Allen for Explorations: The BN SciFi and Fantasy Blog

“Keith Melton has written a masterful book (and series) that shatters all the stereotypes of good and evil, right and wrong. All of the characters are complex and intricately-drawn, and the reader is sucked into all the shades of black and gray that envelops their lives. Mr. Melton is a storyteller of the highest order and his writing is sharp, vivid and engrossing.”—Bitten By Books

The Zero Dog War

“…another audacious blend of genre elements. [A]n underlying sense of twisted humor…sardonic wit is on full display. …[A] breakneck-paced, action-packed, categorically cool, and utterly readable novel.” —Paul Goat Allen for Unabashedly Bookish

“Urban Fantasy meets hilarious sarcasm at its best…I had high expectations and The Zero Dog War didn’t fail to deliver.” — The Geeky Lover for Book Lovers, Inc.

“I giggled so much reading this book, Keith Melton’s humor truly shines!” — Wicked Little Pixie for Writings of a Wicked Book Addict

“[A] hilarious tongue in cheek satire that pokes fun at the supernatural in [a] fast-paced action-packed storyline…filled with hilarious dialogue and some great inner monologue that kept me laughing throughout the entire book.” — Tori for Smexybooks

“Keith Melton writes an absurd mix of heavy-duty action and hilarious quips…I cannot wait for more books in the ‘Zero Dog Missions’ series.” — Danielle at Alpha Reader

Run, Wolf

“…a rich and wonderfully developed environment and setting. The writing is tight, the werewolves are both sexy and terrifying, and the pace is brisk.” — Long and Short Reviews

“Sweet read, loads of kick ass action and nothing of fair play and I loved it. I am excited about this series…” — Erotic Horizon

“…fast paced, edge of your seat, exciting paranormal…definitely an author to watch.” — Dark Diva Reviews

“…a fast-paced, easy read with a fascinating twist to the werewolf genre. Keith Melton excels at creating a unique world for his readers to delve into. I was captivated by the world and the characters.” — Teagan, BookWenches

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Run Wolf (Nightfall Wolf Clans 1)

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