Thorn Knights

Follows the story of Chris Hill, a knight of the Order of the Thorn, and his dog. The Order of the Thorn is a secret military organization with ancient roots, dedicated to protecting humanity from any and all inhuman threats. They fight using both magic and modern technology.

Book One


9mm Blues

Flesh-eating ghouls. A kidnapped child. A knight’s honor caught in the crossfire…

Christopher Hill is a knight in the Order of the Thorn—the sacred order of soldiers armed with submachine guns, swords, and magic. Their mission is simple: destroy the ancient, profane evils that prey upon humanity.

But that mission becomes far more complicated when a young boy is kidnapped by flesh-eating ghouls, turning a routine search-and-destroy mission into a nightmare standoff. Barricaded inside a run-down house, the ghouls gain a deadly upper hand, and while the body count rises, Hill finds himself caught in a power struggle within the order that puts his life, and his honor, at risk, and threatens both the mission and the boy Hill has vowed to see home safe, no matter what…

Book Two

Danger Close (working title)